Resyna is a new kind of file manager that represents and visualises users intensities of interaction with files. Resyna offers spatial file organisation in Resyna smart maps enabling our fantastic cognitive abilities of pattern recognition, spatial navigation and memory in file management, transfer, sharing and collaboration.

Resyna transforms files into „Tamagotchis“ – living things that mirror the relevance of our work.

The first PC GUI developed 40 years ago at XEROX in 1981. Until today, file management has not been improved – directory, folder, icon, file name, date, size and type are still status-quo. In 1983 had an Apple Macintosh a 5 MB hard disk – here, for a bunch of files the directory concept was quite sufficient!

Our digital work is a daily battle with the high quantity of file organisation, navigation, retrieval, transfer and sharing with inefficient directory-based file management tools and distributed sharing services. This is blocking our creativity and causes an immense amount of waste of time.

Information is an activity.
Information is a life form.
Information is a relationship.


Resyna’s integral approach will improve and change the way we work and support our thinking holistically. Resyna is a mind mirror that reflects the system of relations between files, our passion and attention through visualised intensities.

The key is the naturalness of the fluid mapping interface, which adapts real-world experiences and creates a „natural“ environment for digital information, their relationship and intensities of interaction. While looking and contemplating your Resyna map constellation universe – the real magic happens in your mind.

Currently, we are developing our Mac OS MVP. Therefore we cannot publish any further information and visualisations of the interface at the moment. If you want to stay up to date or be a beta tester, please subscribe to our newsletter.