Resyna GmbH offers GDPR-compliant RAG system for generative applications in companies.

Resyna – AI workspace manager

Resyna GmbH is developing an AI-powered file and asset management system for MacOS.

This application contextualises digital assets and user actions, creates a user knowledge base and provides NLP features such as semantic search, user chatbot, task automation and more. While working with the PC, local and distributed assets are contextualised and displayed in a central interface, replacing the file manager. Resyna saves users time, increases productivity and eliminates the frustration of searching, retrieving, navigating and organising digital assets with a seamless and efficient experience. Resyna eliminates hassles and saves time – it increases your productivity and gets you in the flow of work.

Ragsyna – Rag System Enterprise Solution

An essential part of this development is a RAG system and its pipeline, which extracts, transforms and splits texts from documents locally and integrates them into an embedding model.

Ragsyna uses technologies that are scalable, GDPR-compliant and high-performance.

Instead of the non-GDPR-compliant LLM CHAT-GPT, Resyna relies on the new Mixtral 7x8B, which exceeds important benchmarks of Chat-GPT with its innovative approach and, as an open-source LLM, meets all requirements of companies in the EU. Further details on Ragsyna will be announced in the coming days.