ResynaWeb makes your company's knowledge accessible and productive with generative AI.

With Resyna Enterprise, companies increase the performance of their employees. By making knowledge available in the Resyna knowledge base, employees and customers can interact with the information intended for them and thus access AI-based functions such as text creation, translation and summarization, data evaluation and semantic document search.

The new generation of knowledge management - AI-based, high-performance, flexible and secure.

Multi Knowledge Base Management

A knowledge base is a separate area of a database in which data from different sources is stored.

With Resyna Enterprise, every employee can create, share and update a knowledge base for their work, department or team.

Thanks to GenAI, employees can search this knowledge base and chat with it, analyze data, create, translate and summarize text.

Resyna Chat for companies

The chat is the interface between you and the knowledge base. The chat answers your questions, compiles information and evaluates data for you.

Whether you are working on presentations, a concept, a training course or a report, Resyna provides you with the knowledge you need in seconds.

Semantic search for companies

How comprehensive a search is depends on the integrated data sources. You can integrate file directories, email accounts, CRM tickets, Slack channels and much more into a knowledge base.

Resyna supports a variety of data sources. We integrate all other data sources for you.

If the data source is a file directory, Resyna extracts texts from a variety of file formats:


ResynaWeb utilizes state of the art technologies such as the AWS instrastructure, document and data processing by Unstructured, the fastest vector database Pinecone and an open source LLM Mixtral8x7B – which is faster than ChatGPT.

As a result, Resyna’s RAG system offers lightning-fast search capabilities and chat that allows users to retrieve results in real time.

Resyna scales with growing data and traffic demands, delivering fast results in all applications, even with high throughput of large amounts of data.

Data security

ResynaWeb is GDPR compliant and uses 2-factor authentication for user login.

Resyna uses standard protocols to encrypt user data in transit.

Clients open HTTPS or gRPC connections to the API; the API gateway uses gRPC connections to user deployments in the cloud using the TLS 1.2 protocol with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) encryption.

Find out more about the technology behind ResynaWeb.

Use the potential of GenAI. Increase your productivity and strengthen your competitiveness.

Compared to employees who do not use generative AI, the performance of a highly qualified worker improves by up to 40 %.

Increasing employee productivity through generative AI has great potential in all areas of a company.

A team using Resyna can find files faster, answer questions more accurately and create high-quality texts based on the company’s specific domain knowledge. With Resyna, employees can query distributed information sources via a centralized system.

The semantic search not only finds all matching documents, but can also group similar document content by comparison.

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