Resyna is currently under development and is due to be released in the App Store in 2025.

Resyna File- and Asset Manager will boost your productivity and get you into the flow.

Resyna utilizes the potential of generative AI for file and asset management. Create a workspace by selecting a folder and add some e-mail addresses. Resyna extracts the texts from your documents and automatically creates a custom knowledge base.

Resyna creates privacy preserving GDPR conform personal knowledge bases from your project folder documents and monitors these directories to updates your knowledge bases as soon as changes occur!

Generative text: This allows you to create project-related texts immediately. This saves you having to write long descriptions of your project in other chatbots. Your documents are not uploaded to a server.

Semantic Search: Your knowledge base also helps you to search for documents without having to know the exact wording, Resyna can display all documents that semantically match.

Automatic content assignment: Resyna analyzes content that is not already part of a project folder and assigns it to your project folder. This way your knowledge base learns and updates itself while you work. You can turn of and on the monitoring any time.

Manage centrally your project files and associated assets with the Resyna hub.

With the Resyna Hub, you can access your directories and files as usual. You will also be able to find assets that are associated with the workspace, such as e-mails, calendar entries, visited web pages and other files.

It also gives you access to the Resyna project chatbot and semantic search.

The team chat allows you to easily exchange files via drag and drop, and the tracking feature gives you an overview of the time spent on the project.

Take control of your working time and navigate through the unique ActionStream interface of recently used content.

Time tracking and navigation: Resyna provides an interface that visualizes your interaction flow on a timeline, enabeling alternatively to access files and folders and delivers context aware and project based time tracking reports. The ActionStream interface shows you either project-related or cross-project actions.

Unlike other time tracking apps, Resyna automatically assigns tasks to users’ projects. This automates time tracking and saves time.

Time tracking is a practical by-product which is made possible by your relevance to your content.

With Resyna you can view every folder as a SmartMap and organize your files intuitivly with endless space.

Resyna SmartMap is reinventing the „desk top“ metaphor and gives you endless space to organize files in maps additional to common folder directories.

A map contains files, sub-maps, folders and sub-folders and each folder can also contain maps and sub-maps. A map is just another way of organization. You can view every map also as a directory list – just switch the view.

Resyna SmartMap Cluster: The user can organize files and folders on maps so that related items are grouped in a clusters. if you need space for a growing cluster, it automatically pushes out surrounding clusters – like in a pool full of balls. This approach is the enabler for interactive maps whose benefits have never been available to users before!

Why are SmartMaps more intuitive and faster to handle than directories?

For many users, the desktop is still an important “clipboard” for file management. The limitation and outdated approach, is not suitable for anyone and all others do not use Desktop at all.

The directory is a list of files and folders that cannot be navigated intuitively. We have to read the file names to find the right file.

In contrast, our cognitive abilities of spatial orientation and pattern recognition support us in the organisation and navigation of SmartMaps.

We navigate intuitively to an area of the map and then access a specific file. The diverse spatial and visual constellations as well as the individual icons form a strong orientation pattern and thus enable intuitive and fast file retrieval.

SmartMaps can be used in any directory hierarchy, whereby directories in deeper hierarchies are easier to manage with directories.

Smart Map Icons: An individual icon for each file to help you retrieve files visually and more intuitively.

Generic IconSystem: Resyna brings its own generic icon set for maps, folders and files. Every file format gets its own design family and each file gets a unique icon. The file icon uses the familiar colors of the respective file formats and their applications.

Depending on your needs, Resyna provide different map designs. The map clusters support you in the arrangement of items as a growing cluster creates space for itself by pushing out surrounding clusters. It feels fluid, organic and fun.